YAC – Youth Advocacy Council


The Youth Advocacy Council (aka YAC) is a student driven group that allows the teen community to analyze and take action on issues that affect them.

What does it mean? It means that teens, like YOU, can come together to be involved in making differences about the community around you. If there’s something around you that you want to change, YAC is the place to do it.

Events in the past have included “No Place to Go”(homeless awareness event),Safe Place, party planning for youth shelter, as well as serving as a teen board member for North Texas Youth Connection.

                                   What do I have to commit to YAC?

You will have to commit to attending one meeting a month at the office of North Texas Youth Connection, the organization that sponsors YAC. The meetings are important because it is there that YAC members create, organize, and implement the activities you want to participate in.

What do I get out of it?

YAC is a rare opportunity to get to voice your opinions and volunteer your time, with your group, in things that YOU choose. Rather than volunteering your time doing droning, repetitive activities, YAC allows you to be active and feel proud of your work at the end of the day. YAC is a great place to also fulfill volunteer hours for school, as well as develop many other skills. Don’t miss out on this chance to join YAC!

For more information  contact YAC Coordinator Nicole West at nwest@ntxyouthconnection.org or 903-893-4717


YAC Application