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Safe Place Ambassador

Safe Place Ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about creating a world where all youth are safe. Ambassadors are committed to increasing awareness and education of the Safe Place program. If you’re interested in becoming a Safe Place Ambassador, please review the information below and complete the application.

The goals of the Safe Place Ambassador Program are to increase awareness of the Safe Place program, increase local, state, and national partnerships, and to provide an outlet for individuals to make a difference by expanding the safety net for youth. North Texas Youth Connection, an emergency youth shelter in Sherman for youth ages 10-17, sponsors the Safe Place program in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties with 91 sites for youth in crisis. As a Safe Place Ambassador, it is your job to help us spread the word about Safe Place within the school and community you live since you have daily contact with other youth. You can play a vital role in helping us reach youth in crisis.


  • Develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop soft skills including: critical thinking, networking, professionalism, record keeping skills, and teamwork
  • Receive volunteer opportunities with community Safe Place program
  • Opportunities to engage and network with other Safe Place Ambassadors
  • Receive recognition as an Ambassador for a national program
  • Ability to include volunteer service on a resume while connection to a nationally recognized program
  • Be an important part on North Texas Youth Connection’s commitment to expanding the safety net for youth.


  • Participate in one monthly team chat
  • Educating individuals about Safe place through discussions, presentations and the distribution of digital/printed material
  • Community speaking engagements
  • Fundraising and donation collection efforts
  • Submitting artwork and photographs for marketing efforts
  • Sharing posts on social media
  • Participating in special awareness campaigns
  • Participating in evaluations/feedback surveys


  • Middle/High School Student
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • High level of motivation, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity
  • Express interest and need to keep youth safe
  • Desire to become engaged and spread the word about Safe Place
  • Act in accordance to the National Safe Place and North Texas Youth Connection mission and remain a law abiding citizen in good standing

If a Safe Place Ambassador sounds like you, then please consider volunteering today. Go online to and under Get Involved click “Safe Place Ambassador”. Fill out the application and mail to:

North Texas Youth Connection
Attention: Nicole West
1602 E. Lamar Sherman TX 75090

Or have your school counselor fax to North TX Youth Connection attn; Nicole West Fax 903-868-2260

For more information, please call or email Nicole West, Safe Place Coordinator at:

North Texas Youth Connection

North Texas Youth Connection is a non-profit, 501 C-3 organization chartered in Texas as Grayson County Juvenile Alternatives, Inc., dba North Texas Youth Connection.

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